SysGen Summer Smashin' 2019

This is how we unwind and have fun!


In 2016, SYSGEN gave birth to SYSGEN RPO, thus becoming a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider in the Philippines. As an RPO company, we provide offshore sourcing and offshore recruiting services from Makati, the Philippines’ premier business district. Our mission is to provide staffing organizations with quality offshore RPO services making – more... 

  • This labour day, we pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of all workers in Australia.

No matter what kind of work you do, you deserve a break!

Happy Labour Day!
  • We are glad to announce the promotion of Rona Grace Lapurga from Recruiter I to Recruiter II.

Rona is the team's ultimate KPOP superstar. And just like any other KPOP star, she has her own charisma. She is a very energetic member who helps the overall team dynamics be as stable as it is now. 
Rona is a type of leader who genuinely cares about the account and the client. She strives to find more innovative ways for the team to succeed. She is driven and competitive. She makes sure that everyone is properly on-boarded. During critical times when judgment calls are to be made, Rona is always choosing what is best for the team. 
When Rona presented the performance of the team to the CEO of QSA, she was obviously very nervous, but she continued and made a great impression. Ken thanks Rona for stepping up during the times that the team needed great leaders.
  • We are glad to announce the promotion of Mhel Amican Batralo from Recruiter I to Recruiter II.

Mhel is one of the more consistent members of the team in terms of performance. She was awarded Rookie of the Quarter during QSA's first Recognition Event with the Cluster. On our last Recognition Event, she was awarded "Top Recruiter for QSA" impressing the clients with her Hit Rate. 
Mhel is motivated, driven and passionate. She tries her best to help lift the team in terms of performance. 
One of the more outspoken members, she always verbalizes her doubts about action plans and team movements, yet she participates and cooperates whenever anything is being enforced. She is competitive in a good way. Ken Richards, the CEO of QSA verbalized how he’s very impressed with her work attitude that translated to her 34 placements for the year, averaging at 3 placements per month.
  • We are glad to announce the promotion of  Laiza Lagarto from Recruiter I to Team Lead.

Laiza is a strong positive influence on the team. Often being jokingly tagged as the team's "Scammer”, she has her own ways of leading and building the group. She was recognized as the VMCV awardee for the cluster and was also given the Client Relationship Award - QSA as nominated by their onshore POC. 
Laiza never backs down on problems and she always tries to find ways on how to make things more effective and efficient for the team. Her 37 placements for the year (ave: 4 per month) shows that she is willing to go above and beyond.

Laiza listens and is very empathetic towards her team members. She is a genuine leader who cares. In this industry that is people-centric, we need more of Laiza's leadership.
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